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Why JustDebs Events?

JustDebs Events have a proven track record over the years with a 100% success rate. We delight in making our clients happy and giving them an amazing event.

JustDebs Global Solution?

We deliver rapid solutions to all kinds of events internationally and locally with cooperative process-driven, top-notch strategies and systems that makes your events stand out.

JustDebs Delivery Assurance?

We deliver a bespoke service that reduces stress and maximizes productivity with precised coordination needed while producing an extraordinary result thereby leaving our clients satisfied.

what we offer

General Event Planning
And Management

We help you develop and coordinate a large scale event that is satisfying from initial sketches to the final stage without issues.


We consider all the most complex event challenges with cooperative process-driven and we’ll motivate and support you to take the best solution.


We add more beauty to your events with our grand decoration service that leaves a smile on the faces of your guests.


We deliver a freshly designed tasty baked cake service at your events to help your guests enjoy the sweetness of the event.

Make-Ups and

We enhance your face appearance, fragrance and the texture of your body with assorted cosmetics and tools that brings out the royal beauty in you and gets you ready for your event.


We strategically design and brand quality and valuable souvenirs for your events to appreciate your guests for attending your events.

Vendors Sourcing & Management

Vendors Sourcing and Management is very crucial to the success of event event. Professionals should be carefully selected to meet every event goal thereby assuring its turnout.

Cooperate Events

Events in a corporate environment are often staged to communicate company strategy, change internal company behavior, launch a product or service, motivate, train or reward staff, or influence the external behavior of customers towards the brand.


Make your events look majestic with our attention-grabbing bouquet for any type of events.

Ushering and

We render a good hospitable and secured events that protects the safety of your guests with first-class ushers and trained securities that’ll protect your events.

Training &

We train and certify potential event planners in the field of event planning and management.

Doing the precise coordination,
getting the extraordinary results...


Events completed




Time accuracy


Satisfied customers

our work gallery

JustDebs Events have a proven track record over the years with a 100% success rate. We delight in making our clients happy and giving them an amazing event. Use the filter tabs above to glance through our works and feel free to contact us for your next event today.


Our primary aim is to give every event the Precised Coordination
needed while producing an Extraordinary result thereby leaving our Clients Satisfied.

our blog updates

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