Cooperate Events

Cooperate events in a corporate environment are often staged to communicate company strategy, change internal company behavior, launch a product or service, motivate, train or reward staff, or influence the external behavior of customers towards the brand.

In many instances, they bring company employees together, support wider marketing or sales initiatives, incentivize team achievements, or entertain senior leaders.

The amount of available budget can impact every aspect of corporate event planning,  at JustDebs Events, we work with every company budget to make sure that they achieve the set out goal for that particular event. From the choice of venue and speakers to the levels of catering, entertainment, technology, and staffing.

Cooperate Event objectives should be SMART

  • Specific: What is the desired outcome and when does it need to be achieved by?
  • Measurable: Return on Investment or Return on Objectives… or both?
  • Achievable: Ensure that the event objective is something that can actually be achieved otherwise senior leaders will consider it a failure.
  • Relevant: The overall objective needs to remain something that relates back to the company’s goals throughout the entire planning process.
  • Timebound: Plan for the event objective to have been achieved between two time periods. This may require subsequent training seminars or a follow-up event to assess the outcomes of the first.

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