Certified Training

Certified training at JustDebs Events is a professional school where intending event planners obtain training and experiences in the industry. It is understood that most intending event planners just go through a practical learning, but we offer certified training in both theory and practicals.

The fundamental about event planning and management is one of the first thing that needs to be understood in the industry. We start with courses that roots the students in the basics of event planning and management.

Customer relationship management is another professional attribute to event planning as we teach the students on etiquette and how to handle each customer in a special way. We provide training and the opportunity to be certified in planning all sorts of events. From budgeting, venue sourcing, and all it takes to handle a proper event.

JustDebs Events also help her students to understand the difference in planning a cooperate event and social gathering. These and lots more are all part of JustDebs Events academy is about.

We believe in impacting knowledge and one of our aims as a company is to also give back and equip individuals or group of companies who want to start a career in Event Planning and Management.

During the cause of training, our students are exposed to the practical aspect by going to a live event, allowing them get to experience the rules and methods of coordinating and managing an event.

We train and certify potential event planners in the field of event planning and management.

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